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"Krystal has a unique way of connecting with patients at a deeper level than a traditional one on one relationship. She deeply cares about you as a person, has a quick and accurate recollection to your overall care plan and is consistently supportive, focused and committed to meeting your individual milestones and goals. Krystal is genuinely interested in my physical progress, but also in the details of my life which shows she has the unique insight and maturity to know the success of my progress and key to my rehabilitation lies in both. Not only is Krystal skilled, accomplished and professional in her outlined duties equally as important she has a kind gentle heart and caring spirit which is hard to find and for me genuinely and heartfelt appreciated."
Brit E. Davis
Los Angeles, CA
"I am very inspired by Krystal and find her to be an excellent teacher. I always learn something new when Krystal is teaching. Whether it is about breath-work or an asana, I always come away with a new insight. Krystal is able to teach a cohesive and uplifting class to a diverse group. On any afternoon or evening Krystal's class is comprised of complete beginners, yogis and yoginis who have been practicing for years, pregnant women, people suffering from career burning out, and a whole other motley crew of yogi-types. Krystal breaks down asanas for beginners in a way that people with very established practices as well as beginners can benefit from, and Krystal unifies the group in a way that only a gifted teacher can achieve."
Jacqueline Mraz
Stanford University Alumni
Pasadena, CA
"The first time I practiced yoga I absolutely hated it and never planned to go back, I figured it just wasn't for me. But when I took a private yoga session with Krystal, my attitude and opinion changed. Being a professional athlete I have been through several injuries and surgeries. Krystal's yoga teaching is great for my back, groin, hamstrings, achilles tendon, abs, and much more. Not to mention it is definitely a workout. I had to work hard and I got a good sweat. Now, I LOVE yoga and plan to continue blessing my mind and body with Krystal's yoga teachings"
Joanna Hayes
USC Women's Track & Field Coach
Former UCLA Women's Track & Field Coach
Former USA Track & Field Athlete
Olympic 100m Hurdles Record Holder
2005 USA Outdoor 100m Hurdle Silver Medalist
2004 Olympic 100m Hurdle Gold Medalist

Los Angeles, CA
"Krystal's passion for health and healing is evident from the moment I step into her yoga class. She is alert and aware of every single person in the classroom, whether there are 10 people present or 50. Her attention to detail, her dedication to proper alignment for maximum benefit, and her ability to make you feel welcome whether you are a beginner or advanced is inspiring and refreshing. As a yoga teacher myself who has been practicing yoga for some 20 years, I have experienced certain instructors who seem like they are "phoning" their class in; not Krystal! She has helped me bring a deeper awareness to my own practice which I then, in turn, try to pass onto my own yoga students. Thank you, Krystal!"
Noriko Moser
Professional Ballet Dancer and Broadway Performer
Certified Yoga Teacher

Pasadena, CA
"My body goes through very strenuous exercises which make my muscles extremely tight. Prior to my private yoga session with you, I was excepting to only experience relaxation and meditation, but I got much more out of the session. My yoga practice was also a workout; opening my back and hamstring, increasing my flexibility and mobility. You're a great teacher and I thank you for being patience with me."
Michelle Perry
Former USA Track & Field Athlete
2007 & 2005 World Outdoor 100m Hurdle Champion
2005 USA Outdoor 100m Hurdle Champion

Los Angeles, CA
"I think you are blessed with unusual power of focus. It shows in your trainings. Moreover, you have intelligence and heart. Krystal, you are very special. You have charisma and are disciplined. We are extremely lucky to have you. You bring us moments of more than yoga, something more universal. In your class I can focus really well on yoga. Your every word has meaning. The world needs a person like you who can brighten our days with a strong belief in goodness and hope."
Mitsuko Negishi
Westwood, CA
“Thank you so much again for the wonderful yoga session, it was really great and it gave me so much!! Yoga really changes the attitude to my own body and I think it is important to learn to love one's own body. In Germany there is a saying ‘loving yourself is the greatest gift you can give to yourself’. Plus, I don't know how often in my life I am going to have the privilege to know a teacher as great as you (realistically speaking, this is probably the only chance I have for getting yoga sessions at this quality). Thank you very much for all the time and energy you gave me and shared with me.”
Claudia Wilimzig, PhD
Joyful & Delightful
"We admire and appreciate your special ending "SOUL" speech with full spirit! Thank you for correcting our....", yoga ,"....poses in patience. We like the way you instruct us, it's clear and sweet. You are definitely making the yoga class so JOYFUL & DELIGHTFUL!!"
Sara Tseng & Yuya Tseng
Pasadena, CA
Inspirational and Motivational
"By the way, even though the double....", meaning two yoga classes back to back, "....was hard on Sunday, girl...let me tell you, I was in heaven the rest of the day and I had so much energy. I ran this morning (Monday, just 7 miles) with no problem and took class as usual at 8:15pm and felt great. Thanks so much for the inspiration and motivation...you're the best!!!"
Dr. Marisol Martinez, D.C.
Holistic Chiropractor
Los Angeles, CA
"Krystal listens to peoples needs before she proceeds with an invigorating massage experience. She also is in tune to individual people's needs during yoga classes. She is the best!"
Vivian Jensen
Pacific Palisades, CA
Trusted and Highly Recommended
"Krystal gives the BEST therapeutic and corrective massages that I have ever experienced.  I am a very active person; I enjoy running, hiking, and spinning; and trend to injure my body from time to time.  I would not trust anyone else but Krystal to help me heal from my injuries such as a pulled hamstring, tender knees, sprain ankle, etc.  I HIGHLY recommend Krystal Spa to my friends and family!!"

Renee Davis
Beverly Hills, CA

Attentive and Studious

"Krystal is the most committed person when it comes to the personal needs of her clients.  She is beyond thorough, hands on attentive, studious, a teacher, but most of all caring for people.  I wholly support her efforts and hope this opportunity will give her the launch she needs to tell the world of her wonderful gifts and talents."

James Williams
Hollywood, CA


"Krystal is the greatest!  I had one-on-one yoga lessons with her a while back.  I still practice the poses she taught me!!  Wish her all of the success in the world!"

Nefertari/Foluke/D. Young
Hollywood, CA


"Quite simply, Krystal is a perfectionist.  She offers every client her very best because she will not settle for less."

Tamar Cherebin
Nassau, Bahamas

Intrinsic Sense

"Krystal seems to have an intrinsic sense of what areas of the body need the most specialized attention.  Patience, warmth, and love flow through the body, mind, and soul with each stroke of the fingers."

Patricia Boyd
Los Angeles, CA

Close Attention

"Krystal is the best Yoga instructor that I have been to!!  She pays very close attention to the quality of the poses.  She makes me flexible in my mind, body, and soul."

Dr. Cathy Hanford, DPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Hollywood, CA


"I had such an invigorating experience and the professionalism was unmatched.  Thanks Krystal Spa, you have a client for life."

Tawnya D.
Los Angeles, CA

Professional and Educated

"Quite frankly Krystal gives the best yoga class EVER!!  Very professional and very educated about the body and the way it works."

MaryAnn Feeney
Pasadena, CA

Highly Skilled

"Krystal Spa has a fantastic ambiance and highly skilled body workers.  It’s like walking on a cloud after your session."

Steven Alberson
Hollywood, CA

The Best

"Krystal is the best in my opinion of what she offers and gives clients."

Joseph Tucker
New York, NY

Great Service

"Krystal Spa provides great personal service."

Andrea Wagner
Los Angeles, CA


"Krystal Spa is totally committed to making the customer happy!!"

Kim Shelton
Los Angeles, CA


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